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Bitter Gentian

Reviving the intensity of the authentic Gentian,  Bitter Gentian  offers freshness and aromatic complexity by emphasizing the floral intensity of wild gentian, all enhanced by fruity, spicy and vegetal notes.


Nose  : Delicate, it reveals the floral intensity of wild gentian, balanced by fruity notes (raspberry).


Mouth  : Round and full, it brings fat and transcribes dense bitter aromas: those of the vegetal radiance of gentian root but also of angelica.


Final  : The tension which runs through the whole aromatic framework finds the balance offered by the floral freshness of the vine flower and the herbaceous of the cardamom. Elegance of rare intensity, under cover of citrus.


Alcohol content: 32%

Volume: 70cl

Premium natural cork stopper

Tin capsule: 130 microns

Guarantee stamp

Premium paper and ink

Natural color: pale yellow


Product base  : organic grain alcohol, 25-year-old fresh and dry gentian, natural or wild plants and fruits

Bitter Gentian

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