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Triple Sec Curaçao White

Every facet of this  authentic  White curacao  returns both

with the aromatic density of citrus fruits  and their beautiful bitters  but also to the liveliness  hot spices,  restoring intensity  of  historic triple sec.


Nose  : Lively and suave, it opens with precision on sweet orange and tangerine. As a counterpoint, derive notes of bitter orange, the zest of its peel and a complex of sun-kissed citrus fruits (lemon, citron, clementine). The freshness of the juniper berry crosses these perfectly fruity layers.


Mouth  : Sharp and structured. The tension which runs through the whole aromatic framework continues to develop like the balance between bitter and sweet orange which becomes perfect. All pierced by the lemony freshness of cardamom, slightly minty.


Final  : Long and natural, marked by its citrus elegance. It oscillates between candied kumquat, bergamot and quince jelly, covered by waves swollen with intensity: those scented with fresh spices that fill with purity an overall picture influenced by the Caribbean.


Degree: 40%

Volume: 70 cl

Premium natural cork stopper

Tin capsule: 140 microns

Guarantee stamp

Premium paper and ink


Product base  : Organic grain alcohol, citrus fruits, natural plants and spices.

Triple Sec Curaçao White

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